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St. Margaret's & Beyond:
Michael's Story

It seems like a lifetime ago when we first met Michael Knott and his family, but to him, it may seem like yesterday.  Now 19 years old, Michael and his family will never forget his life-changing accident.  When he was 6, Michael had a sledding accident in which he plunged underneath an ice pond, and caused ischemic brain injury and profound psychomotor retardation.  When 3 years of full-time rehabilitation services were up, his custodial grandparents, Richard and Pauline Winnard, realized they could not care for Michael at home, and they did not want to place him in a geriatric nursing home.  When they attended a meeting of the Center for Disability Services’  Family Group, the Winnards were introduced to St. Margaret’s Center.  They took a tour of St. Margaret’s Center and Michael was soon moving into his new room.  “We are very happy with his home,” said Pauline Winnard.  “When you’re not able to give the care that’s needed, it’s hard to rely on strangers.  The care, the atmosphere, it’s fantastic!  The nursing staff is at the top.  I would rate St. Margaret’s ten stars.”
Today, at age 19, Michael now lives more independently in the Foster Avenue residence in Schenectady, which is operated by the Center for Disability Services.  He continues to attend the Langan School, where he is in the Secondary 3 class.  In January 2007, Michael Knott was the subject of an inspirational story which was produced for the Center for Disability Services Telethon.  He is known as a friendly, outgoing and loving young man who enjoys having books read to him and spending time with his family.

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