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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What funding is available to families for children who need this specialized care?

A:  Children who are diagnosed with a disability or medical condition at birth may be may be eligible for Medicaid.  Children who acquire a disability or  medical condition after birth may qualify for Medicaid.  St. Margaret’s  Center also accepts private insurance and private pay.  We can provide assistance in navigating insurance, funding and benefits.

Q:  How do families keep close to their loved one and how do we know how  he or she is doing?

A:  You, as the expert on your child, are part of our health care team.  Your participation in your loved one’s care is encouraged and essential.  Your  dedicated team of professional staff will work with you to plan the individualized care that best fits your child’s needs and personality.  You will also be invited to family-focused events and activities throughout the year.  Of course, you can visit your child or check in with your child’s team anytime you would like.

Q:  What happens when a child turns 22 years of age and still needs specialized care?

A:  St. Margaret’s care will extend into the adult years and allows residents to remain at St. Margaret’s Center—their home.

We will continue to develop a list of commonly asked questions and we want to hear from you. Please e-mail us your questions to so we can answer them and also include them in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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