St. Margaret's Center

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What Can We Expect?

When we welcome your child to St. Margaret’s Center, he/she will move into his/her bedroom with 1 or 2 other children.  We encourage you to add personal touches to your child’s room, including photos, artwork, a special blanket or stuffed animal friend.

Morning Routine

Every morning, our team of staff will help your child prepare for the day, beginning with daily care including bathing, tooth brushing, hair care, dressing and breakfast. 

School & Play

Following the morning routine, your child will attend school at the Center’s Langan School or have a schedule of life activities, age appropriate play and therapy sessions.  Sometimes therapeutic massage, reading and schoolwork may take place at bedside. Your child’s day is guided by his or her individualized needs and interests.

Other Activities

Our Activity Department staff creates enriched, fun activity options, including music, pet visits, outdoor activities, and other activities tailored to meet the varied and unique needs of each child.  We also host family-focused events and activities throughout the year to enjoy with your child and family.

Special Time with Your Child

We encourage and welcome you and your family to share some of these special times with your child.  Come and read, have a meal, enjoy the fully accessible playground, or just snuggle with your child.  For your convenience, we offer an on-site apartment for family stays at a minimal cost.

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St. Margaret's Center

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